Changing the Experience and Outcomes of Divorce...One Mother at a Time


A transformational 12-week coaching program to help professional, independent mothers take control of their divorce, get off the emotional rollercoaster, and save time, money and heartache for themselves and their children


Are you a mother facing off with divorce? 

Feeling lost, confused, or like your life has been blown apart?

Worried about your kids, your wellbeing and your future?

In every divorce there is a bridge to cross...a bridge from feeling untethered and broken to feeling empowered and alive again. A bridge from your old life to your new life. 

Most mothers want the BEST outcomes for themselves and their kids, but follow the WORST path to get there, wasting time, money and hoping it will all work out—and hurting their family in the process.

But there's a better way...which is why we created Best Self Intuitive Divorce, a strategic and heart-centered coaching program from the creators of Best Self Magazine (and divorce survivors!).

We use a holistic and tactical approach to help mothers take control of their divorce, avoid a prolonged, expensive process and save a LOT of emotional suffering for themselves and their children.

The clients we work with experience extraordinary results. They quickly go from feeling anxious and feeling grounded and hopeful. From feeling fearful and trusting themselves to make the best moves. They learn to thrive and expand in their lives and work—even in the throes of divorce. 

Want to learn how? Register for our FREE Divorce Workshop—It’s a MUST-WATCH for any mother who wants to navigate divorce with calm, clarity and confidence...and best support her kids through the process.



The legal system is rigged against you and can prolong the divorce process for months or even years. That's precious time — your kids will only be this age once, don't miss out on it. We help you avoid wasting that time by showing you how to get clear about what you want, how to best collaborate with your mediator or attorney to achieve it and rein in a potential runaway train. 


No one ever thinks that divorce will take so long, cost so much or hurt so bad. But divorce is expensive and the stakes are high. Factor in asset settlements, spousal and child support, and the ramifications can easily be hundreds of thousands of dollars over time. The decisions you make in this messy process will have huge consequences for your family — so we help you make smart, grounded decisions that can save you money and protect your financial future.


Are you prepared to handle your kids’ BIG feelings and outbursts, or the actions of a toxic partner? What about protecting your health and emotional wellbeing? We give you the tools and strategies to save your family from unnecessary emotional suffering, and empower you to create a new life chapter that is as beautiful and bright as you dare to dream.

3 Pillars of the Best Self® Intuitive Divorce Coaching Program

Emotional Healing

We help you reclaim your vibrancy and step into your power, so you can discover your happiness and lightness again, be the best YOU and mother for your children. You'll finally break cycles and patterns that have held you back, devaluing yourself and playing small, maybe for the first time in your life. 

Process & Strategy

Filings, mediation, attorneys, trials, financials, parenting agreements,'s overwhelming. Maybe you don't even know where to start, or maybe you're already mid-trial. Whatever your circumstances, we walk you through the process for the outcomes you want and can actually feel good about.

Protecting Your Kids

We know that protecting your kids and making them feel safe is front-of-mind for you. The stakes are high. It's critical to get it right, so we guide you how to best communicate with them at various stages of development, how to handle difficult challenges and support their emotional wellbeing through these turbulent times.

"Kristen and Bill, along with women in my group held space for me during the rockiest, ugliest, angriest parts of my divorce. They were there for me in places and times that my friends and family dared not go. There is no way to adequately thank them for the loving support, the program, and the community they've created." 

— Barbara, Physician, Mother of 1

Who We Are

Kristen Noel

Mother of 1, Certified Intuitive Divorce Coach, Co-Founder of Best Self Media and Editor-In-Chief of Best Self Magazine.

Bill Miles

Father of 3, Intuitive Divorce Coach, Co-Founder of Best Self Media and Creative Director of Best Self Magazine

"This program was born from  our own experiences of dramatic divorces with young & early teen children, combined with collaborations for Best Self Magazine with leading experts in holistic health, relationships and child psychology. We know the pitfalls, what's possible... and how to get you there. It's the program we wish we had while navigating divorce."

Client Spotlight: Mrinalini

"At first I was terrified about divorce...but you've shown me what's possible. Now I've crossed that bridge to a beautiful new chapter, my son is thriving and life feels so...easy. I'm truly grateful; you've transformed my life!"

 — Mrinalini, Career Coach & Mother of 1


About the Program

"Working with you both has given me the backbone and mental shift I needed to forge ahead and trust that my intentions are good and my instincts are worth following. I’m grateful to be part of such a beautiful community"

— Elizabeth, Medical Assistant, Mother of 1

"My whole life was shattered into tiny pieces by the man I was married to for 25 years. I felt lonelier and more broken than I ever had. In my first session with Kristen, I could immediately feel that I mattered and am worthy of love — more importantly, that I could heal. The program has helped me get grounded and clear — and able to show up for my daughter."

— Erika, Teacher, Mother of 1

"Things are moving along well in mediation; I’m feeling ready and confident. And love-wise, I’m falling for this new guy and loving it! Most importantly, the kids are all thriving and handling all the changes with excitement and ease ❤️"

— Rachel, Mother of 3

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