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The proven program to help you achieve your most vibrant mind-body health, break through your blocks and create an unstoppable life!


22 of the World's Leading Wellness Experts Coming Together With 1 Purpose:

To give you the framework and tools to create lasting change in any area of your life

Do you want to live more vibrantly? Bounce back from a life-hurdle? Feel more alive?

Can you imagine a healthier body, a clearer mind, more nurturing relationships, greater energy, a deeper sense of purpose, less stress and more ease?

All this and more is within your grasp — and life can be soooooo good!

So, why do so many struggle to create positive change in their lives? Often, we reach for quick fixes that don't solve the problem. Diets, meds, therapy, the latest workout fad, mantra or green juice — they may make a dent, but rarely produce lasting change. 

The reason people remain stuck is that they've not had a framework to help them tap into the powerful interconnectedness of their mind, body & spirit so that they can reclaim control over their lives. 

When one part of us is ignored, it begins to trickle into all aspects of our life, which invites in illness, self-defeating thoughts, apathy, weight issues, even just a low grade dull — the list goes on. We may even begin to lose sight of who we truly are and the dreams we once dreamed. But it doesn't have to be this way.

The Best Self Holistic Health World Summit is the only program of its kind that helps people bring forth lasting, positive change — in any area of their life — by looking at their lives holistically. 

When you hear the personal stories of our rockstar presenters, wellness experts like Dr. Christiane Northrup, Mike Dooley, Kris Carr, Dr. Bruce Lipton and so many more, you will be reminded that we are all in this messy, beautiful human experience together. You'll be more than inspired — you'll learn practical tools to break through your blocks and create an unstoppable life...regardless of your circumstances.

 "This is the program I wish I had when my life fell apart" 

—Kristen Noel

Hi, I'm Kristen Noel, Editor-In-Chief of Best Self Magazine and the Host of the Best Self Holistic Health World Summit. And, perhaps like you, I'm no stranger to life’s drama. 14 years ago, during a time I refer to as my ‘sleepwalking phase’, my life fell apart at the seams. One morning, I picked up the phone to learn that my husband had been carted away from his Madison Avenue office in handcuffs. And all of our assets, including my entire life savings, had been seized by the government.

My husband would eventually be sentenced to 13 years in prison. Homeless and penniless, with a toddler in tow, I lost my marriage, my money and my entire fairy tale.

Salacious stories emerged — it was a gut-wrenching time. But what was most gut-wrenching was realizing that the biggest deception was that of myself, by ignoring my emotional and physical cues. For decades, I was blind to them. This is where the story gets interesting, where life cracked open and my 'best self' seeds were planted.

My journey of healing was the genesis of Best Self Magazine and the Best Self Holistic Health World Summit.

I've since been fortunate to interview the world's leading experts in holistic health and conscious living. This Summit is the culmination of years of learning how to overcome life's obstacles, to get unstuck, to reclaim your vibrancy, your power, and your enthusiasm for life. This Summit was created to give you the framework and tools to help you jumpstart lasting change in any aspect of your life, starting right now!

The Best Self Holistic Health World Summit Will Help You Achieve:

√  Improved self-esteem & self worth

√  A healthier body & body image

√  A clearer mind & vibrant energy

√  A deeper sense of purpose & joy

√  A loving relationship with self & others

√  Greater connection to community & nature

√  Less stress & more ease

√  Greater abundance & passion for your work


Meet Your Teachers


Bruce Lipton, Ph.D

The Biology of Beliefs: Bridging Science & Spirit

√ Why we are not locked into our genetic fate

√ From victim to master: How we are responsible for our biology & health

Kris Carr

Wellness Wake-up Call: A Cancer Journey to Self-Love

√ How to foster true self-love & self-healing

√ Food activism: Connecting what’s on our plate to our bodies, our animals, and our planet

Grant Virtue

Chaos to Calm: Aligning With Your Intuitive Self

√ Remove Any Block With Conscious Communication & Consumption

√ Conscious Living = Conscious relationships & parenting

Christiane Northrup, M.D.

Debunking Myths of Ageism and Re-Scripting Vibrancy

√ The health benefits of pleasure

√ Getting older vs. aging: Core principles for true health at any age

Anna Tsui

Healing Yourself, Healing Cultural Bias

√ Embracing heritage, healing family wounds, becoming a ‘cycle-breaker’

√ Taking down limited thinking within the workplace & self

Randy Spelling

From Addiction to Health: Choosing a New Path

√ Living a truly ‘rich’ life is about self-worth, not net worth

√ How consciously parenting can heal old emotional wounds

Jessica Ortner

Tapping To Heal From The Inside Out

√ Taming the critical Inner Voice

√ Ceasing the struggle with weight issues & body image

Gail Larsen

Finding Yourself: Telling A Better Life Story

√ Naming and claiming  your ‘Original Medicine’, your special gift for the world

√ Celebrating your outrageous self

Danielle Shine

Heal Your Gut, Heal Your Life: From Over-Stressed & Malnourished to Vibrant

√ Re-scripting your relationship to your body; heeding its cues

√ How food can save your life

Nancy Levin

Jumpstart Healing: Permission to Honor Self

√ Redefining ‘selfish’ as an integral part of self-love & self-care

√ How conflict can coexist with authentic connection

Dr. Will Cole

The New Health Paradigm: Functional Medicine & the ‘Whole’ YOU

√ Food is medicine, feeding health or feeding health problems

√ Why your ‘normal’ lab results are misleading

Kate Northrup

Finding Ease in Life: Chuck Balance Find Peace

√ Learn to be a ‘time-bender’: Have More, Do Less

√ The new entrepreneurship: applying ancient wisdom to modern business

Kelly Brogan, M.D.

Regain Freedom From Meds: Heal Your Body

√ Reclaim your natural state of vitality

√ Self-care as the greatest form of activism for women today

Joe Cross

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead: A Juicing Journey to Health

√ Why plants are the key to truly feeding your body

√ The role of accountability in healing

Danielle LaPorte

Rocking Paradoxes: Embracing Your Whole Messy, Beautiful Self

√ How self-help can become self-criticism, i.e. the Comparison Game

√ The conflict of self-care: How setting boundaries can create disharmony

Rebekah Borucki

Full House: Kids, Rescue Animals, Entrepreneurship & Healing

√ You are your best guru

√ Fitting self-care into your busy life (no excuses)

Sister Jenna

From Nightclub to Ashram: A Spiritual Journey

√ Excavating self-deception: heeding the inner call

√ Quieting the busy mind, opening your spiritual self

Erin Stutland

Movement Is Medicine: Move Your Body, Move Your Life

√ Connecting your spiritual and physical health

√ Moving your body to initiate emotional healing

Aviva Romm, M.D.

Elevating Women’s Health: Pairing Holistic Wisdom & Hard Science

√ Avoiding burnout & adrenal fatigue

√ Looking inward: Discovering your sweet spot, the ‘You Zone’

Mike Dooley

Creating Your Own Reality: Don’t Wait For the Yellow Brick Road

√ Thoughts become things, so choose good ones!

√ Don’t make excuses, accept responsibility — and get on with your rockin’ life

Jeffrey Davis

Tracking Wonder: Creativity, Mindfulness & Entrepreneurship

√ Expand your mind, expand your life

√ Nurturing solitude and partnership

Sonia Choquette

Trusting Your Intuitive Voice

√ Shift out psychological & spiritual difficulties by aligning with your powerful intuition

√ The Courage to embrace your truth

4 Pillars: The Foundation For Your Best Self

The Best Self Holistic Health World Summit is based upon 4 Pillars for lasting change

1. Connecting Your dots
Understand the beautiful interconnectedness of your body, mind & spirit, and how to leverage that to live more vibrantly.

2. You Are What You Eat
Develop awareness of all of your consumption — food, media, relationships & energy. What's serving you and what's not?

3. Intuition Is Your Superpower
Tap into your ‘gut’ instinct — your never-wrong intuitive self — and weave your ‘feeling-self’ throughout your life.

4. Love the One You're With
That's YOU! Free yourself from limiting beliefs and adopt a lasting practice of self-love.

Here's What You Get

Platinum Edition (Most Popular) Includes:

√  22 audio interviews (over 20 hours of life-changing teachings!) that you can listen to online on any device for inspiration anywhere, anytime — at home, in the car, on a walk or at the gym.

√  Beautiful PDF transcripts that you can view online or download and print, to read at your leisure.

√ Downloadable audio files so you can download the interviews to your computer to access offline

√  Special Summit Workbook with audio recordings and a PDF workbook, to help you jumpstart the change you want to see in your life, NOW!

√  Best Self Facebook Community private access, where you will find like-minded seekers and doers, sharing struggles, triumphs and strategies to support you on your best self journey.

Gold Edition Includes:

√  22 audio interviews (over 20 hours of life-changing teachings!) that you can listen to online on any device for inspiration anywhere, anytime — at home, in the car, on a walk or at the gym.

√  Best Self Facebook Community private access, where you will find like-minded seekers and doers, sharing struggles, triumphs and strategies to support you on your best self journey.

Plus, With Each Edition You'll Receive 2 Special Bonuses:

Bonus #1: The Best Self 5

The 5 most influential feature interviews from Best Self Magazine. More than 120,000 people have been impacted by these powerful conversations. Includes the complete video interviews by Kristen Noel, plus audio files and beautiful downloadable PDF transcripts.

Value: $29

Bonus #2:  1-Year Subscription to Best Self Magazine

Best Self Magazine is the leading voice for holistic health and conscious living. Published quarterly, you'll receive a free 1-year subscription to our app for mobile devices (iOS or Android). Feature interviews, health, spirituality, yoga and alternative movement, youth, recipes and more — each issue is jet fuel for your mind, body and spirit!

Value: $27

What's My Investment? As Little as $69

Many of these presenters receive thousands of dollars to share their expertise on stage or for private coaching. Others aren’t accessible at all other than through their books and speaking engagements.

We've created a unique opportunity by bringing together these amazing experts to jumpstart your unstoppable self at a very special value. 

And, when you invest in the Summit during the free conference period, you'll save 50% off the normal price.

Upgrade to the Gold Edition only $69 (save $130).

It’s like getting 22 mind-blowing therapy sessions for less than the price of 1 — sessions that you can revisit whenever you like. Plus, you'll get access to the private Best Self Facebook Community and bonuses worth $76.

Upgrade to the Platinum Edition for only $99 (save $150).

With Platinum, you'll also get beautiful PDF transcripts, downloadable audio files for offline listening, and the special Summit Workbook. 

30-Day risk-free guarantee — your money back and keep the Summit (really).

You will never see your life the same again — guaranteed. When you invest in the Summit, if you don’t find it to be of incredible value in shifting your life, just let us know within 30 days and we’ll gladly issue you a full refund. No questions asked. And you can keep the Summit as our gift to you, just for taking this important step for yourself. That's how much we believe in the power of the Summit to bring positive change in your life. 

Own The Best Self Holistic Health World Summit Forever

Special conference pricing

$249 $99

√ 22 Online Audio Interviews

√ Best Self Facebook Community

√ Beautiful PDF Transcripts

√ Downloadable Audio Files

√ Special Summit Workbook

√ 30 Day Risk-Free Guarantee

√ Instant, Lifetime Access

√ Bonus: The Best Self 5 ($29 value)

√ Bonus: 1-Year Subscription to Best Self Magazine ($27 value)


$199 $69

√ 22 Online Audio Interviews

√ Best Self Facebook Community

√ 30 Day Risk-Free Guarantee

√ Instant, Lifetime Accesss

√ Bonus: The Best Self 5 ($29 value)

√ Bonus: 1-Year Subscription to Best Self Magazine ($27 value)


Here's What Other Summit Owners Are Saying:


"When Kris Carr said 'you can't change the first thought but you can change the second' a light went off for me. It was the first of many in The Best Self World Summit."

Amanda Weber
Speaker, Author, Happiness Coach


"For me, the Best Self World Summit is a toolkit. The quality of the resources provided are perfect for everyday people, critical thinkers, and lovers of life, like me. Thanks Best Self!"

Jamal Sanders
Nutritionist & Fitness Trainer


"Listening to the interviews and journaling responses to the Workbook questions has taken us to a level of deep consciousness about ourselves, and each other, we weren’t even aware we wanted — and needed — to rise to."

Al and Christine Marino
Parents of 2 & Lifelong Seekers


"I LOVE the summit — it blew my mind! I am a huge fan of Best Self Magazine, but this interview package is a God-send for me at this point in my life."

Jeanette MacDonald
Artist and Writer


"The Best Self World Summit is life-changing. I am in awe that there is so much wisdom, spiritual awakening, and heartfelt warmth in one place. It's everything you need for nurturing the mind-body-spirit connection."

David Maestas
Relationship Coach

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? Email [email protected]

Most self-help programs fail because they are too isolated in their approach. The Best Self Holistic Health World Summit addresses the interconnectedness of our whole self — mind, body and spirit — to create a foundation for effective and lasting change. Once you begin to understand the 4 Pillars described above, there will be no turning back — you will never look at your life the same again!

Further, in the Summit you will benefit from the diverse perspectives and experiences of 22 leaders in holistic wellness. You are certain to resonate with many new ideas to inspire you.

Absolutely. In fact, that is exactly why we created the Best Self Holistic Health World Summit — to help you identify the first steps toward shifting out of what's not working in your life and into what is possible. You'll gain tools and inspiration to help you move forward, toward any goal, regardless of your circumstances.

The principles of the Best Self Holistic Health World Summit work for everyone, regardless of your circumstances. If you want to completely flip your life over, or merely make a few tweaks, you will find the inspiration and tools to do so. We all want our lives to be a bit more vibrant, and our dreams to be a bit closer. And the less drama the better. You'll learn how to notch up your health and energy, how to center your mind and think more clearly, how to de-stress and bring more ease into your life and work.

Yes! The Summit is optimized for mobile and desktop use, so you can listen to, or read, the interviews on the go — at the gym, while driving, walking, doing chores, or anywhere else.

With the Gold Edition, you will need internet service to access the interviews. With the Platinum Edition, then no problem: If you intend to travel somewhere without Internet service, or want to save on mobile data usage, simply download the audio files or transcript PDFs when you do have Internet service, then you can access them directly from your device without need for WiFi. 

You can purchase the Summit 100% risk-free. If you are not happy with the Summit, just let us know within 30 days of purchase and we will process a full, prompt refund. And, you can even keep the Summit — it's our gift for taking a step on behalf of yourself.

Are you ready to finally step toward your dreams?

Ready to shift from what’s not working in your life and into what's possible? Then this Summit is for you. The principles inside don’t just apply to some people, they apply to EVERYONE who has a willingness to change. In fact, over 30,000 people worldwide have benefited from the Summit. Through these provocative interviews, you will learn how to reclaim your power and create a healthy, vibrant, joy-filled life.

Once you own this library, you can access it whenever you need a reboot. You’ll want to refer back to it for years to come. So take a minute for YOU, and act now to own the Best Self Holistic Health World Summit at this incredible 65% savings plus special bonuses only available during this free Summit period. Because there’s no time like NOW to break through your blocks and create your unstoppable life.

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