Your Inner Heroine

Is your inner heroine hiding? She's still there...and it's time she came out with her cape on so you can reclaim your power and agency in divorce.

OK momma, let’s face it...divorce isn’t typically a scenario where you imagine being on your ‘A’ game and fully in your power.

It’s a time of dissolution, disarray and disharmony...and sadness (even if you are the one who initiated it).

But what did the Phoenix Rising from the Ashes think before she arose...this just is too much, I can’t do this, I don’t know how, my kids can take care of themselves...

Maybe, but still, she rose in her uncertainty. She wobbled in her fear and yet, she carried on — dusting off and stepping out of the rubble of what was once her past. She leaned into resounding trust and held tight as she took a step in the direction she wanted to go in.

And you know what? A piece of her resides within a birthright...hidden in your fierce momma self. I promise.

Your job is to lean into her — even if you don’t know how — even if you never have before. She’s there waiting with her hand extended ready to take yours and remind you of what you are capable of.

It’s true.

There is a much different way of navigating divorce (and any life adversity) than the one that is often portrayed. It’s one that is grounded, calm, resolute, heart-centered. It’s one that saves precious time, money and the wellbeing of you and your kids so you can get back to living again — dreaming, laughing, expanding, believing in possibility.

And most of all, it is one that allows you to release all that is dragging you down, all that is not serving your highest good, and all that it is time to walk away from. Yes, that takes guts...but you birthed a human being, you can do hard things.

Even if you don’t know how to get unstuck or where to start or turn can declare that you are not going to be another sad statistic, that your divorce isn’t going to be a runaway train and you are doing to do things differently. That you are going to be the heroine of this story.

Imagine scripting your divorce story for a Lifetime movie from beginning to end. You get to design how the heroine navigates the emotional upheaval through all the plot twists and turns. You get to write how she guides her children, how she leads her ‘team’, how much time it consumes, what her life looks like during the divorce and beyond.

What’s it going to be...Greek tragedy or epic comeback story?

Come on, let’s channel some of your inner heroine. Did someone say Joan of Arc...Wonder Woman...{{first_name}}?

—Kristen Noel, Certified Intuitive Divorce Coach | Editor-In-Chief, Best Self Magazine


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