Message Received

During divorce, we are often seeking signs...signs of hope, inspiration, guidance. There are messages all around us...are you open to seeing them?

A few hours before a recent weekly group coaching call, I was doing an online yoga flow class in my office (mama multi-tasking at its finest). During the final moments of the class when we were doing our Savasana and meditating, I asked the Universe, God, my angels and guides and anyone else who was listening for a ‘sign’. When I looked up, my big computer screen sitting upon my desk was open to my FedEx account homepage.

That’s my sign? Come on...seriously?!

But their tagline stood out in bold letters...Ship, Manage, Track, Deliver.

So, what does that have to do with anything?

At first, I wasn’t satisfied with this message, but quickly came around. Ask and you shall receive.

I’d been thinking a lot about the mamas in our program navigating divorce. I had been thinking of the new year, resolutions, choosing a ‘word’, and what needed to be left behind as I leaned into 2023.

And then it all popped in.

SHIP. What intention are you putting forth into the world for yourself? What are you putting out there? (Get clear, declare it, let it out, let it be seen and heard)

MANAGE. How are you responding to these new discoveries about yourself that you can no longer deny and shove to the side? (Allow it out, don’t judge it, sit with it)

TRACK. What conscious steps have you taken, choices have you made, thoughts you have held?

DELIVER. How are you holding yourself accountable for what you know to be true?

Be playful with life. Ask for signs and pay attention.

What does this all have to do with divorce? Well, we mamas can so easily lose ourselves attending to the agendas of others. We can put our own needs to the bottom of the pile and relinquish our dreams and desires. We can practice this and stay stuck in the busyness of life for so long that we begin to forget...until we remember.

And when that truth finally comes out, there is no shoving that back in the bottle.

While divorce is an ending, it is also a beginning. It is a journey of reclaiming the parts of yourself that have gone unnurtured for too long. This isn’t about blame or shame — or what was taken away by anyone else. This is about what we agreed to, how we abandoned ourselves...most importantly, how we can reroute and reclaim and find our way home.

If your soul sent you a message in a bottle, what would it say?

You are allowed to be who you are, to celebrate that, to nurture it, to become more of it. You are allowed to dance and feel and laugh your way through life. No more fitting yourself into places you don’t fit, wearing labels and depicting facades that don’t resonate.

Ship, Manage, Track, Deliver...for you and your kids, mama.

Message received.

—Kristen Noel, Certified Intuitive Divorce Coach | Editor-In-Chief, Best Self Magazine


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