Are You Worth It?

Investing in yourself (especially in divorce) is the best investment you can make

What’s stopping you? What’s getting in your way of taking a bold step upon your behalf in your divorce process (and life)?

Are you unworthy of support?

Are you unworthy of the investment?

Of course not!

But for some women it’s been a very long time since they did just that...if ever. And that’s OK (well, not OK), but we can change that right now, right here.

You are only a single decision away from shifting your life at any given point.

Look, I’ve heard it all...probably every excuse why someone couldn’t invest in coaching or themselves. And no judgement here, I get it. I’ve probably told each and every one of those excuses to myself at some point.

Women are masters at quantifying their feelings, rationalizing things, dismissing their needs, playing nice, not rocking the boat. Sorry to say, that strategy won’t get you anywhere.

Twenty years ago, when my life fell apart, the world was very different. I didn’t have access to the information and programs that we do now. There was no social media, no digital courses and podcasts. No one heard of a life coach, let alone a ‘divorce coach’.

So accordingly, I stumbled my way through the process doing the best I could, making tons of regrettable moves and decisions for the wrong reasons that cost me a far greater price in more ways than I could’ve imagined. Oh, hindsight.

But it doesn’t have to be that way for you.

Yes, hiring a life coach is an investment. Yes, standing up for yourself can feel scary. Yes, changing course can be unsettling. But you’ve likely invested in taking care of everything and everyone else in your life from your house, to your work, to your kids — where are you in the equation?

Here’s the harsh reality, when you don’t care for your health, you end up sick. When you don’t take care of your car it breaks down. When you mindlessly muddle through life responding to things instead of creating your reality, you lose yourself and begin to not recognize the person staring back at you in the mirror.

Investing in yourself is claiming a stake in your future and in the divorce outcomes — it’s the best investment you can make. Divorce is temporary. You will get to the other side of it, but the big question is in what condition.

Divorce coaching isn’t about a warm and fuzzy bubble bath (though I highly recommend that). It’s about investing in having guard rails when you wobble. It’s about having someone walk beside you through the darkest days, reminding you of your goals and your power to achieve them. It is about having your hand held so that you can make the most prudent, strategic, grounded, heart-centered decisions for you and your kids.

Investing in yourself is no joke. It takes guts, resourcefulness and sometimes some ingenuity.

Excuses begone, mama. Plain and simple: You are worth it. You deserve it. Your kids deserve it and your beautiful new life chapter on the horizon ahead is counting on you.

To quote a term from one of my coaches, if you are feeling ‘nerve-scited’ (nervous and excited) at the prospect of this...good! It means you are ready. What are you declaring to the Universe? Trust your gut and allow yourself to declare, I AM WORTHY OF INVESTMENT.

Don’t sit on the fence of your life, invest in yourself.

—Kristen Noel, Certified Intuitive Divorce Coach | Editor-In-Chief, Best Self Magazine



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