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"You Are Always a Student, Never a Master"

~Conrad Hall

Imagine a life of abundant health, joy and enthusiasm to greet each day. Imagine freedom from 'shoulds' and the agendas of others. Imagine designing exactly the life you want while loving yourself, the work you do and the relationships you hold. This is your most vibrant self — your best self — and the genesis for BEST SELF LEARNING.

Our team at Best Self Media, publishers of Best Self Magazine, created BEST SELF LEARNING as a place for education, inspiration and personal growth for your mind, body and spirit. A place to unblock your blocks and reclaim your true power. A place to help you seize all that is possible in life. Enjoy your journey — and may the learning never end!

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Changing the Experience and Outcomes of Divorce...One Mother at a Time

 A transformational 12-week coaching program to help professional, independent mothers take control of their divorce, get off the emotional rollercoaster, and save time, money and heartache for themselves and their children


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