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Life Trim

Life can feel like a runaway train sometimes…OK, more times than we care to admit. There always seems to be an excuse…it’s the holidays, it’s summer, it’s a pandemic, my boss needs this, my kids need that…and my to-do list…where do I start? And where do you and your dreams, desires and needs (not to mention self-care) fit into all of that?

Well, observing a few days of tree-trimming recently in my yard, the discarding of extraneous branches and dead weight made me realize…I was in need of a little life trim and something tells me you just might relate.

Sometimes we don’t realize how much we’ve accumulated or agreed to carry that really isn’t serving us. It might not even be ours to carry in the first place. It’s easy to get stuck thinking there is no other way, so we trudge on dead weight and all.

If you’ve ever felt the pep in your step after a great haircut, witnessing your hair bounce back up to life — you know what I’m talking about. When we don’t pay attention or we pay too much attention to the needs of others, bypassing our own, we slowly chip away at our own vibrancy, forgoing our self-care and find ourselves standing their drained and maybe even embittered, wondering…how did that happen?

If you are ready for a little life trim, this one’s for you….

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Emerging from the Shadows of Suffering


No one wants to talk about a midlife crisis, least of all while amidst one. But that is exactly what Sara Arnell does. She peels back the protective layers of bucking up, stuffing feelings down and hiding. It is a candid portrayal of all the “feels” in witty, vulnerable, self-deprecating truth-telling. Read more...

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It's Okay to Not be Okay


Kass Thomas, a perfectionist, fixer, to-do list checker-offer, high-achiever…realizes, as she says, that this algorithmic style of living was a slow poison feeding only one thing — her ego. As she conveys, vulnerability is actually our superpower; there is no hurrying healing or feeling — and most of all, tomorrow is another day, thankfully. Read more...

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Love & Trimming,

— Kristen Noel, Editor-In-Chief, Best Self Magazine

Kristen Noel
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Zoey summer update...this is where she can be found

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